Media Servers.
High End computers that deliver lightning fast video content for your event.
Lighting Consoles.
Lighting consoles in this age do more than just dimmers and intelligent lights, they are also the best way to sequence live video, add effects. Lighting consoles also make it simple to make changes on the fly.
Projectors, LED products, Moving yoke projectors.
Video content can now be deliverd in numerous ways , through projectors on screens and almost any architectural surface. Through an array of LED product such as MITRIX.
Pixel Mapping.
Playing Video content over led lighting fixtures   utilizing a plethora of LED lighting fixtures on the market today we can achieve lighting effects that rival any high end expensive video product.
Video Mapping.
Video mapping , a software media server souloution for projecting on non linear surfaces. This technology has been devloped  for displaying multiple content on multiple surfaces. Reducing equipment / labor costs.. CASE STUDY .
With all this technology at our fingertips, it would be useless without great looking images / content. At Lally Lighting we have the latest hand picked stock content that will have your event looking like it was all custom built. We at Lally Lighting are forever adding to our massive library of great looking media. We also build custom content just for your event.