At the beginning of the process there is the ideas stage, how will the event/ show look and function.
One of the design services I offer is a full CAD rendering service; I use the new Vectorworks 2010, to help you visualize how your show will look. CAD drafting is also a must, when you need to know that your event will fit in the venue. I also work in AUTOCAD 2008 which is another industry standard drawing package.


When we know the direction the event is heading, ideally at this stage we know the Venue and how the set will look! The lighting design can be drafted up.
I own control consoles to operate shows and events, but I am just as comfortable using In-House equipment.
I can design using your inventory of lighting equipment or I can source equipment from a number of venders in the USA or Europe with whom I have strong relationships, which means you always get the best deal, service and backup. I also operate an open audit policy.
Which means you pay exactly what I pay, for the equipment hired?” No mark ups” You get full advantage of my vendor discounts.


Seeing the event through to the bitter end!  I always like to program and operate shows.
Being there for the Set Up and Show,  is just as important as the fluffy design bit! But again if it’s just a design you need for someone else to implement….. rest assured they will have all the information and back up they need from “Lally Lighting”